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The Most Effective Ways to Finance a Small Business in NZ?

Do you have a small business and wondering how you can finance it? If yes, you do not have to worry because there are several financing options available for small businesses. All you have to do is to determine which financing option is the most effective for your business. This article offers you 4 ways to finance a small business. Continue reading the article.financing a small business

Small business loan

In the modern days there are many financial institutions that provide loans to small business owners. The bank still remains the most common place for financing. All you need to do is to ensure that you meet all the requirements, so that your loan is approved. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the loan is to have a solid business plan because the bank will want to see it. Make sure that your business plan shows your goals, mission, product, how to deal with competition, employees, amount of money you want and how you intend to spend it in your small business. You should also ensure that you have a good credit history in order to get the amount you want from any financial institution.

Invoice factoring

This is a financing option in which you get advances on cash due from client invoices instead of waiting for the customers to make payment. For a small business, waiting for the customers to make payment can lead to real problems and prevent your business from attaining growth. The different forms of invoice financing allow your small business to free up capital that is tied up in the invoices that have long remittance. This can be a major source of working capital finance for small businesses due to restrictions by banks when it comes to financing small businesses. Invoice factoring is better than a bank because it is determined on the collateral of the invoice that is due from your debtor. To get this form of financing:

  • You offer goods to your clients and invoice them
  • Then send the details of the invoice to your invoice finance provider
  • The finance you require is provided in a certain percentage of the value of the invoice you send to the finance provider. In most cases it takes less than 48 hours to get the finances you want.


Crowdfunding is another great way you can finance your small business. By crowdfunding you get finance by asking a large number of people each for little amount of money. Crowdfunding has changed the trend that involved asking for a few people for large sums of money to fund the business. It involves looking for funds using internet to solicit small funds to thousands of potential finance providers. You need to set up a profile of your small business project and use networks of family, friends and other friends to raise money. Three types of crowd funding exists such as equity, debt and donation.

Getting Investment from Family and Friends

You can also get money from friends or family members. This is an effective way to raise the finances you want within a short time. You will need to explain to them what you want to spend money, so that they can develop confidence when providing the finance for you. You can get the finances in terms of donation in terms of a soft loan.

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